Innovation is creating or developing something positive for society

Episode 59 of “What is Innovation?” is out! Jared talks with Nathan Stuck, founder of B Local Georgia, a Georgia based nonprofit that helps companies get B Corp certified and use their business as a force for good. on what is takes to become a B Corp and how to get your business certified. Is your business structure sustainable? Are your company policies purpose-driven and socially-focused? Nathan’s insight and first-hand experience will help you operate in a way that balances profit and social responsibility.

Episode Guide:

1:42 – What is Innovation?

2:58 – In the B-Corp space

3:40 – Company Case StudyAdvic (Ad Victoriam Solution)

4:50 – What is a B-Corp?

5:41 – B Corp Assessment  

10:06 – Placing workers first

12:18 – Recertification and scores

14:38 – Impact assessment and business impact

16:27 – B Local Georgia

19:55 – Starting B Local Georgia: Capitalism and ROI

22:13 – B Corps in the South

25:32 – Working for B Corps

28.02 – The capitalist system and B-Corps

31:20 – Creating a playbook

32:40 – Reverse engineering your career  

34:30 – Advice for innovators