Capitalism for Greater Good Through B Corps with Nathan Stuck

Episode Description

In this interview, we discuss the growing trend of purpose-driven businesses, what it means to be a B Corp and how you can incorporate your values into business practices.

In my conversation with Nathan we discuss…

Nathan is an award winning leader in the B Corp community. In addition to his role as the Director of Corporate Culture & Strategic Impact at Ad Victoriam Solution, a certified B Corp, he also founded and runs B Local Georgia, a nonprofit dedicated to growing the number of purpose-driven businesses in the Peach State.

  • What a B Corp actually is and the differences with what some might call Conscientious Corporations
  • The growing trend towards meaningful businesses
  • What kind of businesses can become a B Corp and the impact that can have in your internal team
  • Evaluating what your company values with the B Impact Assessment

About Our Guest

Nathan also teaches an experiential MBA course on B Corps at the University of Georgia and is the CEO of Profitable Purpose Consulting, which helps for-profit businesses certify as B Corps.

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