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Culture & Impact Consulting

Years of working at a B Corp and with companies like yours have made us experts in the field of strategic improvement, community impact, building winning cultures, and the storytelling that differentiates your brand

We’ll define your current state, envision your desired future state, and reverse engineer a strategy to help you get there, even helping you hire and promote the right team members and leaders.

Services Offered:
• Employee engagement surveys
• Copywriting
• Social media content
• Community impact strategy
• Fractional leadership

B Corp Certification

We’ve been helping companies certify since 2016. Let us guide you through the assessment process, be your expert, and be your first line of communication with B Lab during the evaluation and verification stages. 

With over 40 successful certifications under our belt, we know what it takes to not only get certified, but to make your company even better during the process. 

Cohort Accelerator Certifications

Perfect for small businesses and solopreneurs, we run cohorts of 3-4 companies several times a year.

You’ll work through the certification with the other participants, and still receive the same dedicated guidance through evaluation and final verification. 

Our Certification Process

  1. Take the Assessment

    PPC will walk through the assessment with you section by section, question by question. 
  2. Identify Strategic Areas of Opportunity

    As we work through the assessment, we will identify feasible, achievable points to raise your B Impact score above the 80 point threshold. We’ll work together to identify the areas that make the most sense for your business, to recruit and retain top talent, align with your mission and values, and strategically drive your community and environmental impact. 
  3. Implement

    Whether it’s implementing a volunteer tracking system or crafting new policies and processes, PPC will be with you every step of the way. We’ll help draft, implement, and announce the exciting changes coming for your organization and what they mean for your team. 
  1. Submission

    Once we hit 80, we’ll get ready to submit by completing the final steps, including the legal amendment, paying the submission fee, and uploading documentation.
  2. Evaluation, Verification, & Audit Call

    We will stick with you through each step of the certification process. From the preliminary questions in the evaluation phase to the verification report, and all the way through your audit call, we’ve got your back! Once your call is finished and your score is finalized, we’ll even help you announce it.
  3. Branding, Storytelling, & Getting Plugged Into the Community

    Even though your call is done and your score is finalized, the work isn’t over! Working with your B Keeper, HR/Recruiting, and Marketing teams, we’ll work on a strategy to announce your certification and intertwine your new certification with your current approach to telling your existing impact, sustainability, and culture stories.
    We also understand the power of networking and the B Corp community for realizing the ROI on this certification, so we’ll open our network and start making introductions to other companies and influencers in the B Corp world. 

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