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Accelerator Cohort Certifications

Run an accelerator program focused on social enterprises and mission driven startups? Chances are you’re already talking to your participants about the importance of B Corp certification, but may not have the expertise or staff to help them certify. Differentiate your program by offering certification help with a B Corp expert that understands both the certification process and how companies can use it as a competitive advantage. 

Let’s work together to customize a program that fits your accelerator’s schedule and gives your graduates a leg up in the marketplace.

Fractional Leadership

Years of working at a B Corp and with companies like yours have made us experts in the field of strategic improvement, community impact, building winning cultures, and the storytelling that differentiates your actions.

If you’re looking to build a culture or impact team within your organization, let us guide you through the process in a fractional leadership position. We’ll define your current state, envision your desired future state, and reverse engineer a strategy to help you get there, even helping you hire and promote the right team members and leaders.

Our Certification Process

  1. You Take the Assessment

    Complete as much as you can and to the best of your knowledge. There is no need to spend hours and hours digging into it, simply answer the questions. The goal of this step is to achieve a baseline score so we can begin our work.
  2. Collect Preliminary Data

    We’ll request three sets of data. The first request will be for employee data and will include things like hours worked per week, hourly pay rate, demographics, and location (employee names can be anonymized). The second request will be for an export of your non-payroll expenses for the previous calendar year (supplier & amount spent) will suffice. We’ll handle the rest. Lastly, if you have it, we’ll ask for your most recent company survey results. 
  3. Discovery

    At this point of the project, we’ll ask you to identify 3-4 employees of varying levels, roles, and responsibilities, among other characteristics. With your help, we’ll set up time to speak with them for 30-60 minutes and get a better understanding of your current culture and what it’s like to work there. 
  4. Point Matrix

    Equipped with a baseline score and a better understanding of the business through your workers’ eyes, it’s time to get to work on improving your score. We’ll go through the assessment question by question and identify areas of opportunity and assigning corresponding levels of effort. 
  1. Submission

    Once we hit 80, we’ll get ready to submit by completing the final steps, including the legal amendment, paying the submission fee, and uploading documentation. Once we hit submit, it typically takes 7-10 months to get an analyst assigned to conduct your audit, although we have seen that timeline be much shorter and occasionally longer.
  2. Getting Excited for Certification

    While we wait, we’ll schedule some time with your team. We’ll also help you set up your internal B Corp steering committee and work with your B Keeper to establish a cadence of KPI check-ins & company updates, best practices, and methods to continually embed your certification into your culture. 
  3. Branding, Storytelling, & Getting Plugged Into the Community

    Working with your B Keeper, HR/Recruiting, and Marketing teams, we’ll work on a strategy to announce your certification and intertwine your new certification with your current approach to telling your existing impact, sustainability, and culture stories. 

    We also understand the power of networking and the B Corp community, so we’ll open our network and start making introductions to other companies and influencers in the B Corp world. If you’re in Georgia, we’ll also get you involved with the B Local Georgia community.
  4. Audit Call & Celebration

    Once we’re notified of our audit date, we’ll help you review and prepare for the call. And we won’t let you go through this nerve wracking process alone, we’ll be on the call with you to answer questions, explain our interpretations and assumptions, and defend your current point total. 

    One the call is complete and we get the email telling us you’re certified, we’ll celebrate with you as you announce this amazing accomplishment to the world.

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