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Keynote Topics:

  • B Corps:
    Why this movement matters and why you should join us.
  • Finding Your Career Purpose:
    My journey and how you can apply my lessons to be more intentional on your path.
  • The Brand Sandwich:
    Culture and brand alignment-and why it matters.
  • Why Not Us?
    How any company can get intentional and start making a difference in the world.]
  • Reimagining Capitalism & The B Corp Movement:
    Why capitalism is worth saving and what we can all do to make it work for everyone and for the long term. 

Nathan is an award winning speaker whose journey provides a colorful background to every talk-he’s dispatched chicken trucks, rented cars, played poker, done C-suite sales, and even driven an Uber while waiting for grad school to start. But his stories define his story and why he’s become such an outspoken advocate for businesses using their platform as a force for good. For the past five years, Nathan has immersed himself into his role and developed his own playbook for building an amazing culture, being intentional about your impact, and aligning your business around these principles.

“Nathan was a wonderful guest on my podcast. The transparency with which he tells stories and talks about his experiences allow him to build trust with the audience–he isn’t some academic studying these things in theory; he’s been figuring it out on the fly for years, and that’s what resonates.”

Jeff Bond, Chat With Leaders

“Nathan is a natural storyteller, but he also knows what he’s talking about. He has a unique way of sharing lessons he’s learned and solutions he’s implemented that keep the audience laughing, listening, and engaged.”

Chistina Noel, Noel & Co.


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