Strategic Impact: Building Your Business to be a Force for Good

Episode Description

Join Tracy Wilson and special guest Nathan Stuck tonight on Unlocked. 

Nathan is an award winning leader in the #BCorp community. In addition to his role as the Director of #CorporateCulture & #StrategicImpact at Ad Victoriam Solution, a certified B Corp, he also founded and runs B Local Georgia, a nonprofit dedicated to growing the number of #PurposeDrivenBusinesses in the Peach State.

Show Notes

7:55   What is a B corp?
11:58  You’ve got 10 words to describe a B corp- GO!
17:09  Put your money where your mouth is
18:48  What are the benefits to becoming B corp certified?
42:09  You’re never going to please everybody
44:11  Take Action, Make Progress

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Resources Nathan shared: to determine whether your company can make the grade for a B corp.