GEMS: Ep. 350 – Business a Force for Good with Nathan Stuck

Episode Description

Do you know what a B Corp is? If not, get ready to learn about it.

In this segment, Nathan Stuck describes what a B Corp is, how to get certified, and why he is so passionate about mission driven businesses.

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Nathan is an award-winning leader in the B Corp community. In addition to his role as the Director of Corporate Culture & Strategic Impact at Ad Victoriam Solutions, a certified B Corp, he also founded and runs B Local Georgia, a nonprofit dedicated to growing the number of purpose-driven businesses in the Peach State.

Nathan also teaches an experiential MBA course on B Corps at the University of Georgia and is the founder of Profitable Purpose Consulting, which helps for-profit businesses certify as B Corps.

He has appeared on multiple podcasts and spoken at events across Georgia and the Southeast. His unique background provides both an authentic and genuine story that resonates with audiences and inspires them, and their businesses, to be a force for good.


Individuals and businesses are uniquely positioned to drive positive change in the world. Get involved, take action, and make progress. If you do nothing, you accomplish nothing.