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Nathan A. Stuck is an experienced Director level executive with a demonstrated history of affecting organizational change, implementing solutions, and driving results. Jack of all trades and well versed in Business Planning, Strategy, Corporate Social Responsibility, Operations Management, Sales, Marketing, Team Building, and Market Research.  He is passionate about giving back and all things B Corporation (the term used for any for-profit entity that is certified by the nonprofit B Lab as voluntarily meeting higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance).  Nathan has a diverse work experience and is a well-rounded professional, with an MBA focused on Marketing and Consulting from The University of Georgia – Terry College of Business.

In this episode, Nathan covered many topics, some of them he will deal with in more detail in his soon to be released book.  Some of the key points we discussed include:

  • LinkedIn is your friend in your search, get to know its power and use it to your advantage.
  • Networking is not transactional; it is relationship based and long-term focused.
  • Spend time learning, at least 1 hour a week or 1 hour a day, think of the growth you can achieve if you invest in yourself 365 hours each year!
  • Always use thank you notes after interviews or discussions, in today’s electronic world, they take virtually no time/effort to use and can make the difference between your going to the next phase or not.
  • If you want to pivot into a different area/industry, go get the experience, volunteer, whatever it takes to gain the experience in that area/industry so you can talk with confidence and knowledge about why you have what is needed for the new role.

Nathan brings such insight, realism, and passion to the job search process.  Make sure you not only listen to the episode but also share it with a friend.   Nathan has offered to help any of my listeners in their job search, so feel free to reach out to him on LinkedIn.

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