Leaders Talk: Ep.39: Nathan Stuck, why doesn’t the purpose exclude the profit?

Episode Description

Leaders Talk – with Nathan Stuck. Nathan works in a B-Corp Organization and is bringing the Message “Making a profit and making a difference don’t have to be mutually exclusive ideas” to entrepreneurs in the US. He also has a wide background in marketing and sales, studied management and is a lecturer for the University of Georgia in an experimental MBA curriculum.

In this episode of Leaders Talk he talks with Karsten about conscious capitalism and why purpose does not exclude profit. He tells us about the different sections of B-Corp and what it means to work for a company like this. He also tells us about the worst parts of capitalism, the value of failure and where his passion comes from.

The topics in the Podcast with Nathan Stuck:

4:31 Nathan explains his work

15:10 He tells us about the 5. Sections of B-Corp

27:00 Nathan says what it means to work for a B-corp

31:50 He talks about influences from Salesforce

37:40 He tells us about a crisis he had

53:30 He thinks about the difference of internal and external purpose of organizations

59:28 He talks about his future plans

1:05:10 He tells us where his passion come from

Guest: Nathan Stuck

Host: Karsten Drath

Production & Editorial: Hannah Jandl & Daniela Magnani Hüller

Research & Preparation: Tabea Zeller & Lena Wokurka