Showing Value Through Your Workplace Culture

Episode Description

The topic of “workplace culture” has been discussed for ages. There seems to be a fine line when it comes to good workplace culture. Do too little and there’s no sense of unity within the company. Do too much and the mood may shift to annoyance over strict or tight controls. Especially with COVID, companies are still struggling to find the balance as what worked in an office setting doesn’t work remotely.

Our guest for this episode is Nathan Stuck, the Director of Corporate Culture and Strategic Impact at Ad Victoriam Solutions. Spending over 4 years in the company, Nathan has helped build Ad Victoriam’s workplace culture and was there when it needed to be restructured. Nathan shares his learnings through his growing company and gives us a few tips on what your company can do as well.

We’re also continuing our series with Ragan’s Communications Leadership Council with Stephen Holmes, Vice President of Corporate Communications & External Affairs at The Home Depot. Stephen dives into ESG in the workplace and how it contributes to your company’s culture.


Episode Highlights:

  • 06:33 – What really defines workplace culture
  • 07:52 – How your current employees feel about your company will affect how the company looks to those on the outside
  • 16:14 – How to actively engage with a hybrid workforce
  • 20:45 – Encourage employees to take ownership of their work experience