How B Corps Are Helping Lead the Future of Business…with Nathan Stuck

Episode Description

In a workforce and consumer base increasingly dominated by Millennials and Gen Z, people are demanding more from the companies they buy from and work for.

Having seen the negative side of corporate America first hand, this week’s guest shares his unique insights into the value of B Corps and the effect that can have on the economy and society.

Nathan Stuck is the Director of Culture & Impact at Ad Victoriam Solutions, a Salesforce consultancy and certified B Corporation headquartered in Alpharetta. In addition to his full-time role at AdVic, Nathan is the co-founder and chair of B Local Georgia, a nonprofit network of for-profit B Corps working together to build the ‘business for good’ B Corp community in the Peach State.

B Corps use business as a force for good, ensuring fair pay and benefits while also promising to be good stewards of the environment. That means they are actively serving in their communities, and believing purpose and profit can harmoniously coexist.

Listen to the episode to find out about:

  • History of the B Corp movement
  • Why you should support B Corps
  • Reasons to become a Certified B Corp
  • How B Corp certification is linked to social impact
  • When a business should become certified
  • How to get more involved in the movement