Highlighting our Transparency: The 2023 Profitable Purpose Consulting Annual Impact Report

Since our founding in 2021, PPC has been committed to transparency. We believe transparency is a vital component of practicing sustainability as a business. That’s why we are proud to share our 2023 Annual Impact Report.

Here are some of our 2023 highlights:

  • Trained B Consultant Program: Our team was part of the first Trained B Consultants cohort in the US and Canada. 

Our consulting team went through B Lab’s official “Trained B Corp Consultant” program. 

  • Diverse Client Base: 69% of our 2023 clients were BIPOC-owned businesses. We also piloted our first two purpose-driven B Corp Cohorts in Alabama and our home state of Georgia; these cohorts were made up entirely of women-owned-and-operated businesses.

Nathan with three of our Alabama B Corp clients, Sachai Tea, Transcend, and S.C.H.O.O.L.S.

  • Community Engagement: Our team clocked in over 600 hours of volunteer time. Our volunteer activities include planning for BLD Southeast, roadside cleanups, and student engagement and mentorship. 

Nathan volunteering at the garden.

As our business continues to grow, we will aim to keep transparency at the forefront of our operations. Creating these Impact Reports helps us maintain focus on both our profitability and our purpose. In 2024, we’ll look to continue our growth, and our good work in the community. 

You can read the full impact report here: