Profitable Purpose Consulting is Officially a B1!

Since its inception in 2021, Profitable Purpose Consulting has made giving back to the community a top priority. We offer volunteer time off to our team, have planned company volunteer days, encourage and support employee participation on nonprofit boards, and prioritize buying local whenever possible. We are now proud to announce that we have taken that one step further by becoming an official member of 1% for the Planet! We are officially a B1!

What’s a B1? 

B1s are companies that are both certified B Corps and members of 1% for the Planet. These companies have not only been formally vetted by B Lab, but are also committed to donating 1% of their annual sales to environmental causes through donations to 1% for the Planet’s environmental partners. We are proud to join the likes of great companies like Patagonia, New Belgium Brewing, 4Ocean, and many more. 

The 2021 Santa Trash Walk. As the former Board Chair of Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful and the Board Chair & Executive Director of B Local Georgia, our CEO has been giving back to the local community for years. And yes, that’s Jenna in the back left–it turns out community service is in her DNA as well. 

And we know what you might be thinking, “Wait, weren’t you already a B1?” And the answer is indeed, “Yes, we thought we were.” In 2023, between our B Lab fees (eligible for our 1% threshold) and our donations to Aaron Perry’s wonderful organization, Y On Earth, we actually hit our 1% pledge. If you include our CEO’s board chair duties for both B Local Georgia and Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful, that number quickly rises. 

B1: A Formula For Purpose & Profit

After months of volunteer work putting together BLD Southeast 2023, the PPC team unwinds at the afterparty with fellow B Local Georgia board member Lavonya Jones and her husband, Frederick.

In total, we actually [monetarily] donated 2.4% of our revenues to charitable organizations. And combined with our team’s pro bono work, volunteer activity, board service, and work organizing BLD Southeast, we gave back 68% of revenue to our community. While we realize that amount isn’t sustainable for the long-term, it sets the bar high and makes us proud of the impact we made in 2023–and yes, we even turned a profit. In fact, volunteering turned out to be good for business, as we met one of our newest clients at a volunteer activity. 

Together with our set-in-stone commitment to 1% For the Planet and the B Corp community, it signals our mission-lock to be a company that is as focused on purpose as it is on profit. 

If you’re interested in joining the B1 community, please do reach out to us. We’d love to help you certify as a B Corp and help you connect to your new favorite environmental nonprofit.

Profitable Purpose Consulting is a full service culture and impact agency that specializes in B Corp certification. While they’re headquartered in Georgia and their heart is in the southeast, they work with clients around the world and have a network just as global. At PPC, it’s not just the certification, it’s successfully implementing every part of the process and telling the story of the good you do.