The 2023 Mid-Year Corporate (B Corp) Gift-Giving Guide

It’s hard to believe that the sun is already high in the sky and we’re halfway through another year–and halfway towards another holiday season. And while we love all of those Thanksgiving week holiday gift blogs, most companies are already making their lists (and budgets) and checking them twice. There are holiday party gift bags to fill, client and partner presents to ship, and employee thank you’s to send. 

So let’s kick off the holiday season earlier than ever, with some of our favorite B Corp (or soon to be B Corp) gifts that will check all three of the above boxes. 

A couple of quick disclaimers: 

  • No, none of the below links are partner links, they are taken straight from Ecosia, the Berlin based B Corp search engine that plants trees for your searches. 
  • A good number of these companies are in the southeast–and for good reason. We’re headquartered in Athens, GA and our CEO is the executive director of BLD Southeast. Some of these companies, like us, are sponsors of the event. 
  • They were selected because of their respective stories and we like voting with our wallet, a point driven home in a TEDx Talk that hit close to home (and we may know the speaker). 

Thank You Cards: 

  • Feels (LA)
    • Giving the gift of giving back. The simplest of all thank yous, make gifting easy with this company from the Big Easy that specializes in real, old fashioned greeting cards with a modern twist. Inside each card is a QR code you can load with cash they can donate to their favorite nonprofit. This is such a simple take on something everyone still loves to get, a heartfelt, handwritten thank you note. 

A Feels thank you card, our current go-to for client referrals and just saying thanks to friends and partners. We’ll be including one in all of our BLD Southeast speaker thank you bags. 

Branded Merchandise (formerly known as swag): 

  • Brand Fuel (NC)
    • Brand Fuel is the branded merch company we’ve all been waiting for. Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, this certified B Corp has a mission to eliminate Brandfill (i.e., cheap branded s*** that immediately ends up in the dumpster). From custom merch like shoes and shirts (supplied by the next company on our list) to memorable products with purpose, BrandFuel has what you need. 
  • Solid State Clothing (NC)
    • Somewhere in Burlington, NC, you’ll find Eric Henry and his team making the best t-shirt you’ll ever wear. Ginned, spun, knitted, sewn and garment dyed in North Carolina, this B Corp makes a shirt that lasts while supporting local cotton farmers and creating textile jobs in the Tarheel State. And seriously, it’s a great t-shirt that lasts. 

Edible Treats: 

  • French Broad (NC)
    • You can never go wrong with chocolate–and French Broad Chocolates, in beautiful downtown Asheville, NC, makes some of the best “bean to bar” you can get your hands on. They offer bonbons, bars, and other chocolate treats, but we recommend a subscription box for those big thank yous. Starting around $30/month, you can send a monthly gift to your most important clients and partners. 
  • Greyston Bakery (NY)
    • Eat brownies. Change Lives. We’re going to go outside of the southeast for one of our favorites–so favorite it made the TEDx talk for that ambitious mission. From the company that introduced open hiring and proved that it worked, Greyston makes some of the most delicious brownies you’ll ever taste. These are a guaranteed hit and make a wonderful employee appreciation gift (just ask AdVic, who sends them out to every employee every year). 
  • Wundergrubs (GA)
    • This secret is in the name for this Atlanta “soon to B”–they make insect based protein and products. Introduce the people on your gifting list to “whole protein for a whole world” by sending them a package of their mouth watering chocolate chip cookies. 

Wundergrubs chocolate chip cookies make a wonderful corporate gift–and you don’t have to ask about allergies. They’re soy, egg, nut, and dairy free. 

Drinkable Treats

  • Makers Mark (KY)
    • Of course Kentucky has a B Corp certified bourbon. And what better way to say a very special thank you to very special client or partner than with one of the best bourbons around. And better yet, they’ll even let you customize a label to customize your gift (and the impression it will make). 
  • Sachai Tea (AL)
    • Let’s be honest, not everyone loves bourbon. But maybe they love delicious B Corp (well, almost) tea. Crafted in Alabama by Rebecca Denson and her team, this tea is ethically and sustainably sourced from India and turned into terrific tea in downtown Birmingham. They offer loose leaf teas, chai concentrates, and more. 

Other Unique Ideas

  • Innovate Green Gift Boxes (AL)
    • Another Alabama “soon to B” on the list, Innovate Green has everything sustainably and locally made, from notebooks to room sprays to soaps. They will even work with you to customize a gift box that fits your needs and your budget. 
  • Newly Blankets (TN)
    • In parallel with the mission of BrandFuel, Newly blankets offers an option to gift something that is useful and won’t end up in the landfill. Their blankets are soft, warm, and made from 100% recycled cotton and plastic bottles. This is a gift that will continue to be used–and continue to keep you front of mind with clients and partners. 

Get remembered by your most important customers when you send them this incredibly soft blanket made of 100% recycled material from Newly, a proud Tennessee B Corp.