Workers in the B Impact Assessment

This section of the B Impact Assessment (BIA) evaluates what kind of workplace you’ve created for your employees, looking at pay, benefits, career development opportunities, engagement, and satisfaction.  

Getting started with the workers section of the BIA

The most effective way to improve the worker structure in your business is to work long term to include healthy compensation, wages and benefits for your employees to ensure their financial security, boost employee wellness by prioritizing their health and safety, and create a stable work culture so your employees’ career development can thrive. How can you implement this into your business? Always lean on the side of empathy and show your employees that you care, encourage and foster social connections with your employees, and go out of your way to help your employees when they need/ask for it.

Examples of companies with high workers scores

While scores in this section vary by industry and company size, there are a myriad of businesses on B Lab’s 2022 Best For The World list, which recognizes the top 5% of certified B Corporations’ workers section scores. Here are a few of our favorites: 

King Arthur Baking Company

The makers of our favorite flour, King Arthur Baking Company scored over 60 points in their most recent certification (they first certified in 2007 and were one of the original B Corps). They earned 30 points in the impact business model subsection of the workers category for their employee ownership model. 

KeHe Distributors

An employee-owned food distribution company headquartered in Chicago, KeHe Dsitributors’ mission is to be the preferred supply chain partner in the specialty, natural/organic and fresh product marketplace in North America. First certified in 2015, they scored 48 points in the workers section, earning them for pay, benefits, and their employee ownership model. 

What will my company gain from improving our workers score? 

The workers section provides an incredible opportunity to reimagine your employees’ experience. Using the questions and answer options as a starting point, you can see what other first in class employers are offering their employees. From traditional benefits like pay, health insurance, and retirement to newer 21st century benefits like volunteer time off, wellness programs, and flexible scheduling, you can use the BIA to become more competitive as a place to work and retain that talent for the long-term.

Recruit top talent

In addition to everything else you’ll be doing with the BIA to differentiate your employer brand, the workers section provides a wonderful opportunity to revisit your benefits package and make your company stand out when it’s time fill an open position. 

Retain top talent long-term

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you’ve heard about the Great Resignation. There’s never been a better time to evaluate your employee experience, engagement, and satisfaction (all included in the BIA) to see how you’re doing and what you could do to keep top talent from leaving.