You Deserve Recognition For The Good You’re Doing

That’s right. You deserve to be celebrated. You’ve earned it.

In an era of greenwashing and wokewashing, where every company has a marketing team touting its commitments to the community, to diversity, to the environment, to its customers, nobody is standing out. And customers are growing increasingly confused and skeptical about which claims are legit and which aren’t.

As Tom Ryan wrote for Retail Wire in an article investigating how brands and products can overcome consumer skepticism , the author cites a wide swath of recent studies, including one from Genomatica that showed 88% of respondents don’t immediately trust fashion brands that claim they’re sustainable. In another survey by Whole Foods, 65% of respondents found it difficult to determine if a product was responsibly sourced.

This shirt was naturally sourced and the dyes used are 8% more environmental than the other guy’s shirt dye. Heck, the shirt is even being washed in water that was produced using a terra-ecomarine process. You’re a conscious consumer and we’re a conscious company. We good? Click that “add to cart” button. 

In the last 18 months, I’ve appeared on approximately 35 podcasts, spoken on countless webinars, and attended even more networking events on behalf of B Local Georgia. And every single time, without fail, I get the same question of “why should I certify?” It comes in different iterations, but it usually boils down to ROI and the simple truth that a lot of good companies are already doing good things. So why should you certify your company as a B Corp?

The answer is as simple as the truth that drives the question: Companies that do good deserve to do well.

You deserve to have loyal employees and a loyal customer base. You did all of this because it was the right thing to do, but you deserve to see an ROI. The more recognition you get, the more goods or services you can sell. And the more goods or services you can sell, the more good you can do. It’s the old adage of “more margin, more mission; more profit, more purpose.”

With over 5,000 B Corps around the world, awareness of that little logo with the encircled B is growing. And when you start name-dropping brands like Patagonia, Cotopaxi, & New Belgium, people recognize brands known for their mission and purpose as much as they are known for their products. Earning your company’s B Corp certification is a great way to stand out from every other company claiming to do the good you’re actually doing.

When integrated into your marketing strategy and storytelling efforts, nothing cuts through the noise and clutter like B Corp certification. You’re doing good and you’re doing it for the right reasons–don’t let companies that aren’t steal your thunder, your employees, or your customers.

It’s high time you were recognized for doing good.

Nathan Stuck is the Founder and CEO of Profitable Purpose Consulting, which helps companies deepen their commitment to using business as a force for good using the B Impact Assessment to improve their impact. He also serves as the founder and chair of B Local Georgia and teaches an MBA course on B Corps at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA.